Trinity is based on 8 years transdisciplinary experience


SDU’s potential as world leading in motion technology for humans, stems from the existing
strongholds in robotics, biomechanics, sports science and embodied interaction

Trinity will establish an interdisciplinary contexture that will strengthen the field, by providing an
infrastructure of experience, coordination and cohesion, beyond what individual initiatives and
projects can encompass on their own. The primary goal is to encourage and assist pioneering inter
and multidisciplinary researchers to “settle” in the new area and become part of an infrastructure
that will become a self-sufficient, stable and strong backbone of SDU’s leadership in motion
technology for humans.

  • Common language
  • Common understanding
  • Joint research
  • Joint dissemination
  • Joint teaching
  • Outstanding results
  • New opportunities


The Trinity team is dynamic and inclusive


Trinity is  managed by 4 senior researchers, representing the 3 faculties. As activities are initiated, the team will grow as new participants join Trinity.

Anders S. Sørensen

Cyber-Physical systems & Project manager

Associate professor in Computer Systems Engineering, Ph.D.

The Technical Faculty

The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute

Gitte Rasmussen

Bodily Social Interaction

Professor in social interaction

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Language and communication

Per Aagaard

Muscle physiology and Biomechanics

Professor in Muscle Physiology and Biomechanics

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Sports Science and clinical  Biomechanics

Anders Holsgaard

Clinical Biomechanics

Professor in Clinical Biomechanics

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of clinical science

Emilie Munch Steffensen

Phd Student

Institute for Language and communication

The Humanistic Faculty

Morten Lynggaard Pedersen

Phd Student

Department of Clinical Research

Faculty for Health Sciences

José P. De la Rosa

Phd Student

Department of Health Technology

The Technical Faculty